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A Happy New Year to everyone!

The latest craze in website programming is mobile-friendly sites where the content resizes and shifts across the page depending on the size of the viewport.

You can see the effect this process has on this website by changing the width of your browser.

Search engines like Google are now rating websites on their ability to deliver a clear display on whatever device you are using - tablets, phones or desktop so it makes sense to either create two sites for desktops and other devices (quite costly) or just modifying your website to adapt to the viewport available.

January 2022

CMS Control Panel

The NashLabs CMS system has a simple to use control panel that can be used to install all our modules quickly.

The system is already in use on the following websites:

The Welsh Archery Association

Powys Archery Association

Radnor Foresters Archery Club

Fair Deal Conveyancing

WoulduLike Furniture desktop site

WoulduLike Furniture mobile friendly site

Brian Osborne - Electrician

Poplar House B&B near Bath

Bespoke programming

We can produce CMS modules to your specification. Drop us a line or call to discuss what functionality you require.

From External / Internal sites, admin panels and shopping carts, libraries and stores to clubs or organisational sites.

Do you need special modules for producing Adobe Acrobat documents on the fly such as invoices, orders etc.?

Flow charts, line graphs, pie charts and distribution maps created on the fly from real time data.